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LED Lumious Lift for Tired Winter Skin

//BEAUTY// Started this morning in the best possible way. Got up at 8am and made myself a Detox tea, love the one from Kushmi tea. I had an appointment at 9.30am at Ef MediSpa up in Clifton for a facial treatment. My skin suffers a lot at the moment due to the cold temperatures. Well, generally it’s like that at winter time. I arrived at the clinic and had a consultation to begin with, just to see what sort of other treatments I could be interested in for the future. After the consultation I went to the treatment room where I got a deep rinse of my skin (face) followed by a 20 minutes LED Lumious Lift. The LED treatment rejuvenate, replenish and repair the skin – just what I needed. I had the treatment with red and yellow light which replenish and encourage the production of collagen, which is essential for youthful skin. The staff at the clinic was really friendly and helpful and I’m sure I’ll be back for more treatments 🙂 xx



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Vintage Embroidered Army Jacket