Lidt mere stilhed end jeg bryder mig om || A bit more quieter than I would have like

A visit to Elements Hair & Beauty in Portishead

//BEAUTY// On Thursday I had the wonderful pleasure of visiting Elements Hair & Beauty in Portishead, where I’d been invited around for a lovely pamper. First of all, let me get one thing straight: The location in Portishead was absolutely incredible. For us Bristol based folks, it might seem like a bit of a drive (20 minutes), but located in the new marina in Portishead, you’ll arrive at this gorgeous setting, well worth the drive there.

Got welcomed by lovely Natalie (the business owner) and Helen who was doing my hair. It didn’t take 5 minutes before the bubbles were served (much needed on Thursday, I’m telling you!) and I was talking through my new make-over with Helen. We ended up freshing up my blonde hair with some ultra blonde highlights and a fresh cut as I’d liked to keep the length of my hair.

Whilst the colour was ‘cooking’ as Helen expressed so well, I got a lovely hand massage and an introduction to the most amazing Aveda beauty products. The salon use all products Aveda, both for hair and beauty, and I can tell you I’ve found a new favourite. The Aveda products are made from 96% naturally derived products which means it’s really good when choosing a hair colour for example. I’ve always had really sensitive skin and scalp, so I couldn’t be happier with the products used. Two products worth mentioning in particular would be the Aveda Hand Relief cream which was used for my hand massage, oh my it was fantastic. Also, the Damage Remedy to add to towel dry hair before blow drying seemed to go really well with my hair.

Overall, it was the most amazing and friendly atmosphere in the Salon, I felt so welcomed and looked after. Furthermore, I chose a Thursday as they stay open until 8pm which was perfect for me as I could go after work. I was even so lucky to receive a gorgeous goodie bag with some of my Aveda favourites! Including the most incredible pink lipstick. What can I say, thank you so much Elements team, see you soon again 🙂


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Lidt mere stilhed end jeg bryder mig om || A bit more quieter than I would have like